15 to 24 year olds more likely to use fast food delivery services

An increased number of Irish people are using fast food delivery services once a month or more says the latest data.

14/08/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

Study suggests that obesity alone does not pose higher risk of mortality

Earlier this month a study titled ‘Individuals with obesity but no other metabolic risk factors are not at significantly elevated allā€cause mortality risk in men and women’ was published online in Clinical Obesity.

10/08/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

Review of the Perinatal Mortality in Ireland Annual Report

The National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre (NPEC) recently released the Perinatal Mortality in Ireland Annual Report 2016.

09/08/2018   by Joanna Gallagher  

New recommendations for tackling obesity published in the Republic of Ireland

A new Joint Committee on Education and Skills report aimed at countering childhood obesity was released this month.

18/07/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

Reducing portion size, packaging and tableware shown to reduce the amount we eat.

Prof Theresa Marteau presented findings from The Cochrane Review on portion sizes at safefood’s recent All-island Obesity Action Forum event.

03/07/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

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