Healthy Ireland Network

Last week the Healthy Ireland Network was launched by an Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Healthy Ireland.  

22/05/2017   by Anne Parle  

Obesity among young people in Europe

This week the World Health Organization released a report on the health and well-being of young people in Europe from 2002 to 2014.

18/05/2017   by Anne Parle  

Mediators of socio-economic status and obesity risk

Individuals from a lower socio-economic background have a higher risk of obesity. Researchers have examined what factors mediate this association.

16/05/2017   by Anne Parle  

Dietary behaviours and academic achievement

Dietary behaviours could be associated with higher academic achievement according to new research.

15/05/2017   by Anne Parle  

Weight loss classes for treating obesity

Offering overweight and obese individuals 12 months of weight loss classes could prevent thousands of cases of obesity-related diseases.

08/05/2017   by Anne Parle  

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