Launch of new online men’s health resource

Today the Irish Men’s Sheds Association have launched

20/07/2017   by Anne Parle  

Cost of unhealthy diets and low physical activity

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have released a framework for assessing the cost of the economic burden of an unhealthy diet and low physical activity levels.

17/07/2017   by Anne Parle  

Protein quantity and bone health in older adults

A new research article has been published which investigates the relationship between dietary protein levels and its effect on bone mineral density (BMD) and fracture risk in those aged 50 years or above.

13/07/2017   by Sarah Cassidy  

Improving health through spatial planning

Public Health England have released a report reviewing the impact of the built and natural environment on health.

12/07/2017   by Anne Parle  

Saturated fats and health - What is the evidence?

A new advisory from the American Heart Association (AHA) examines the effects of replacing intakes of saturated fat with other types of dietary fat and carbohydrates and the associated risk of developing CVD.

12/07/2017   by Sarah Cassidy  

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