Consumer acceptance of changes to restaurant menus

A study published in scientific journal Obesity found that small reductions in calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium of restaurant menu items were acceptable by consumers.

12/04/2017   by Anne Parle  

WHO guidelines for monitoring junk food marketing to children

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new tool for monitoring the marketing of food and beverages to children via television and the internet.

11/04/2017   by Anne Parle  

Food and You Report

The Food Standards Agency released the findings from the latest "Food and You" survey (Wave 4). It provides information on the public’s behaviours, attitudes and knowledge regarding food safety and food issues.

07/04/2017   by Anne Parle  

Guidelines on reducing sugar in food

Public Health England (PHE) published guidelines last week setting out the approaches that can be taken by the food industry to reduce the amount of sugar in foods.

03/04/2017   by Anne Parle  

Food price and dietary consumption

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis examined the effects of a change in food price on dietary consumption. The research found that increasing the cost of unhealthy food lowered its consumption and decreasing the cost of healthy food increased its consumption.

28/03/2017   by Anne Parle  


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